Press articles

Extracts from press reviews:

„ ... suspense until the last note!“
South Bohemian Press, Czech Republic

„ ... someone who understood, as it appeared, how to fascinate all those involved“
Neues Volksblatt, Austria

„ Each phrase had its own character, the allegro showed a fiery temperament and the larghetto was charged with suspense within its curves.“
Passauer Neue Presse, Germany

„ ... a dynamic, sympathetic conductor whose direction of the orchestra and guidance of the singers recommend him for further assignments.“
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Austria

„ .. dynamically and brilliantly produced, the ensemble was led with sovereign certainty by Gerhard Lessky.“
Neues Volksblatt, Austria

„ Under the sovereign leadership of Gerhard Lessky, the ensemble and orchestra of the Upper Austrian Young Opera provided a pleasurable evening of opera.“
Kronen Zeitung, Austria

„ ... the young, ambitious conductor formed a confident and precise ensemble.“
Oberösterreichischer Kulturbericht, Austria

„ The amazingly professional and vigorous-sounding ... orchestra provided under the sovereign leadership of Gerhard Lessky, who gave each part of the opera atmosphere and suspense, the solid musical basis upon which the solo singers were able to move certainly and well.“
Der neue Merker, Austria

„ ... the way in which the young, talented conductor has orchestrated the production, earns the highest recognition of his achievement.
The way he ... blended, made transparent, animated the resounding voices, was a lesson in inspiring musicianship.“
... everything was concentrated and controlled, the result of the highest artistic awareness.“
Passauer Neue Presse, Germany